Rice Types

As the world's largest miller and marketer of rice, Riceland offers the finest rice products available, including:

Long Grain Brown Rice
Only the hull has been removed leaving the natural bran layer intact. This nutritious flavorful long grain rice is popular in health food stores and restaurants.

Long Grain Milled Rice
This long grain white rice has been through the complete milling process removing the hull, bran and germ. Riceland Extra Long Grain Rice is our top grade milled white rice with 4% maximum broken kernels.

Long Grain Parboiled Rice
Rice is soaked and steamed to gelatinize the starch. The hulls, bran and germ are then removed resulting in a highly stable rice ideal for further processing including precooking, canning and freezing. Riceland's Delta Star brand parboiled rice is a premium rice without the premium price.

Medium Grain Milled Rice
This medium grain milled rice has shorter, plumper kernels with the hull, bran and germ removed through the milling process. 

Broken Grains
(A) Milled Secondhead Rice consists of approximately 1/Ž2 kernel with hull, bran, and germ layers removed. It is commonly used by breweries and rice flour mills.

(B) Milled Brewers Rice is approximately 1Ž/4 kernel with hull, bran, and germ layers removed. It is often used by pet food companies as well as breweries.